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Nov. 2018

Green Leaf Labs has begun testing and trials with our new Topical Ointment, XtremePain. XtremePain is being developed as an external (non-edible) cream to be applied to the location of the body experiencing pain. XtremePain will be available in 3 varieties, high CBD, 50-50, or high THC depending on the condition being treated. Contact us for more information and to see if XtremePain can help you.

Oct. 2018

Green Leaf Labs began testing and trials with facial cream for women, formulated to reduce wrinkles. As testing progresses we will update this site with more information and availability.

Our Story

Green Leaf Labs grew out of survival of our founder to find and develop a solution to overcome cancer. A two-time cancer survivor who could not accept the future that was he was facing. After his first battle in 2011 with chemotherapy and with the blessing of his oncologist he began his journey to self-heal using cannabis. He tried many different suppliers but the quality and potency were below what he needed to heal. Today, after many years of ongoing testing and being cancer-free for years, he believes that his knowledge, caring for people and understanding of how to produce, prepare and select the best cannabis products in the most effective and biological and organic (chemical free) manner has resulted In the creation of Green Leaf Labs in 2014.

All of our products start with hydroponically grown cannabis strains. The plants are grown in enclosed pods to ensure purity, cleanliness and protection from outside contaminants. All nutrients provided to the plants is organic. No chemicals touch our products. Green Leaf Labs produces 26 products different potencies to fit your health requirements that are packaged as oil or capsules.

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About Medical Cannabis

It is not recommended to consume or combine alcohol while using medical cannabis. Consider 0% Beers or 0% Wines as an alternative.

It is strongly advised to avoid using a motor vehicle or any heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabis. The psychoactive or sedative effects may be dangerous. It is illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis.

There is always a potential for abuse just like any other drug. Patients should consult with their healthcare provider to weigh the risks and benefits. Studies have shown that the rate of addiction is approximately 9%.

In consultation with your medical practitioner it is important to consider the anticipated benefits against the potential risks. If you are taking other prescription medication, your healthcare practioner can recommend a dosage that will not have negatively impact those medications. If you have a family history of schizophrenia or other psychiatric disorders including addiction, you and your healthcare practitioner should proceed with caution.

Increased appetite is a well know side effect with higher doses of THC. Medical cannabis can have the effect of decreasing nausea and stimulate appetite for symptoms caused by cancer, HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy. Speak with your doctor and our product specialists to find the best product for your needs.

"Start Low and Go Slow" is a common term used by physicians that specialize in cannabis and cannabinoid medicines. We offer two types of products, capsules infused with cannabis and organic coconut oil, and cannabis oils. You should consult with your doctor or one of our product specialists to determine the best product type for you. Under current Canadian law, patients have the right to choose how the consume medical cannabis.

There are many ways to administer and consume medical cannabis. Green Leaf Labs has found that the most effective method of obtaining the intended potency without the negative side effects of smoking or vaporizing is to consume medical cannabis orally. Smoking or vaping has rapid symptom relief; however oral ingestion has proven to have a longer lasting and sustained duration of action and effect. The duration to action of orally ingested cannabis can be a short as 20 minutes for some patients to a long as one to two hours.

Evidence suggest palliative treatments may be augmented with the use of medical cannabis. There is also the antiemetic properties that act as an orexigenic, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Medical cannabis can also relieve symptoms of PTSD, GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and much more.

Like any medication, medical cannabis has risks along with benefits. Health Canada's quality control standards and Green Leaf Labs independent testing practices ensure that all products are free from potentially harmful contaminants, impurities or toxins

Understandably, opioid addicts are terrified, and many are beginning to turn to unconventional treatments to overcome their addiction. As the number of accepted medical uses for cannabis has steadily grown over the past decade, many wonder if cannabis can be an effective treatment for opioid addiction.

Unfortunately, there is no clear evidence showing that cannabis can help people suffering from opioid withdrawals. However, cannabis use may be of some benefit during other stages of opioid addiction treatment.

Can You Use Marijuana to Get Off Opioids (Heroin/Painkillers)?

Can Medical Marijuana Treat Opioid Addiction?

Can High-CBD Cannabis Combat Pain and Reduce Addiction Rates?

Therapeutic uses of medical cannabis - Human Anatomy

Indica is usually associated with sedation and pain-relief. Sativa is frequently described as having a mentally stimulating effect. Hybrids have a mixture of both. CBD, in its pure form is non-intoxicating. CBD strains are typically used for pain-relief, inflammation and anticonvulsant.

Terpenes give cannabis its aroma diversity. For more information see Wikipedia Terpene.

Cannabidoil, known as CBD is a non-psychoative component of cannabis. CBD is a cannabis company that has many potential medical benefits. CBD can counteract the psychoactivity of THC. CBD is usually used for anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, andti-anxiety, anti-nausea and anti-convulsion without the effects or lethargy or dysphoria.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is most commonly associated with cannabis. It is the compound that creates euphoria. Research has found that THC is useful in regulating the immune system and regulating inflammation and relieving pain.

Whole-plant cannabis infused oil is administered sublingually. It is the preferred method of treatment for many cancer patients. Capsules can be swallowed or used sublingually but letting the capsule casing dissolve under the tongue and then swallowing. Intake sublingually through the oral mucosal membranes in your mouth delivers a rapid and active absorption directly into your systemic circulation due to the increased bioavailability of the cannabinoids. Some people do not like the taste and prefer to swallow the capsules directly. This method increases the reaction time of the bioavailability of the cannabinoids.

Hemp seed oil is a cold-pressed oil made from the seeds of the hemp plant.

True whole-plant oil is derived from the cannabis plant, made from the buds/flower of the female cannabis plant and comprises many different cannabinoids including THC, CBD, CBN, terpenes and other compounds.

DMSO is easily absorbed by the skin. It's used to increase the body's absorption of other medications or as an additive to a topical ointment medication solution.

DMSO is available without a prescription most often in gel or cream form or infused within another product.
DMSO is primarily used by applying it to the skin and not to be ingested orally.

The most frequent side effects from using DMSO on the skin in high doses include:

  • Stomach upset
  • Skin irritation
  • Strong odor of garlic

More serious side effects include:

  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Headaches
  • Itching and burning when applied to the skin

DMSO can increase the effect of some medicines, which can lead to serious health issues. Examples of such medicines include:

  • Blood thinners
  • Steroids
  • Sedatives

The biggest concern of DMSO is that when it gets on the skin it will cause anything on the skin to be absorbed. So be sure to wash your hands and skin well before using or use rubber gloves to apply to the area to be treated then cover the area with a clean dry cloth or bandage.

Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should not use DMSO, since little is known about its possible effects on the fetus or infant.

You should also not use DMSO without talking to your doctor if you have:

  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Liver and kidney conditions

You can only travel with your medical cannabis within Canada. If you attempt to take it outside of the country you may face serious consequences as a result of foreign government’s more strict medical rules regarding cannabis. Always keep your product in the original packaging because this makes it easier to identify your medical cannabis as medication. Always bring your Registration Papers as it will help authorities answer questions they may have. Never bring more than your 30-day limit. Federal law prohibits you from bringing more than that amount. This regulation is regardless of how long you will be away. Major airlines and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority recommend that you pack your medical cannabis in an easy-to-reach place in your carry-on luggage, along with your paperwork and other travel documents. DO NOT pack medical cannabis in your checked luggage. This may lead to you missing your flight as authorities have to open and review your medicine. Call both the airline and the airport at least a week before you fly to inform them of your situation. They will guide you in the procedures to follow. Arrive at least an hour before the suggested time to allow additional time for verification. When you reach the pre-board screening checkpoint, advise screening personnel that you are transporting medical cannabis and request a private search Once inside the search area give the staff all your paperwork. The standard procedure is to contact police to clear the cannabis for travel. This is routine, but takes time, so be prepared for this delay.

About Registration and the ACMPR

The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) is the most current regulations enforced by Health Canada to give qualified individuals access to safe, high quality medical cannabis. Individuals, authorized by their healthcare practitioner with a medical need for medical cannabis, are able to access it by registering with a licensed producer. Once all documentation has been received and verified by Green Leaf Labs, patients may place an order.

Some Canadian private insurance companies have begun coverage of medical cannabis for certain conditions. Contact your Health insurance provider to see if you are covered.

Green Leaf Labs keeps all of your personal information confidential and utilizes software that complies with HIPPA (US) and PIPEDA (Canada)

We can help! Fill in the Contact Us form above and we will contact you with a list of cannabis practitioners near where you live.

You can contact us through the above methods, either, phone, email, or the Contact Us form. All communication is held within the strictest of confident. Patient confidentiality is very important to us. Speak with one of our product specialists for guidance on the registration process.

For more information please contact us at 1-866-298-8588


Medical cannabis should be stored in a cool dark location for be results. Health Canada recommends a shelf-life of 12 months.

We do not offer edible food products. The cooking process of edibles exceeds the preparatory temperatures we use in our products and would greatly diminish potency and effectiveness.

Samples of products are sent to Health Canada qualified independent third-party laboratories for testing and analysis.

No! All of our cannabis is grown hydroponically within sealed, medical-grade pods. We do not use any kind of pesticides and would rather completely dispose of a crop than use chemicals to save it. We only use natural and organic fertilizers on our plants.

Green Leaf Labs has 26 products that vary from high CBD to high THC depending on your prescribed requirement. Please contact us for a consultation.

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